Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Staging Project in Cathedraltown

Here's a project I staged a few months ago in Cathedraltown, a unique development in northwest Markham built around a huge cathedral of course!  It is a development that features monochromatic homes and townhomes, so it was extra important to make the inside spectacular and unforgettable. The owners happen to be good friends of mine and the husband is a great photographer so we had fun collaborating!
Dining Room Before
Dining Room After - the space looks a lot more expansive with a formal dining set.
The Loft Before Staging
The loft After. This space was very tricky since it was absolutely huge, so I divided it into three sections. An entertaining section by the balcony, an office and a family living space.
I loved this Loft! A casual and beachy family and entertaining space
In the kitchen we added a backsplash to make it fresher

 The basement was a well planned but unfinished space that we had finished for the sale of the home.
Basement Before
Basement After Finishing
Bathroom basement before we came in...
Basement bathroom After: the client had sourced the floor tile and vanity, and we took care of the rest!

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