Monday, January 2, 2012

Latest Updates on My House

I just wanted to ring in the new year with some updated photos of the project that i'm eternally working on - my house. It's a work in progress, but just thought i'd share. Happy new year!
 Here's a solution for tighter, open spaces (this room is adjacent to the breakfast area)- try putting a pair of open backed chairs like these bamboo Chippendale arm chairs. Eventually I will get around to sewing seat cushions...
One of my many floral creations using a Wedgewood Tea tin as a vase.

I used this Ikea Liatorp table with the Jokkmokk chairs for this look in the breakfast area. There's a casual rug underneath to add extra warmth to the space. Personally I dont think there's anything wrong with using textiles in kitchen spaces as long as they're maintenance friendly!
More to come... stay tuned!

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